Moisturizing dry hair – how to do it right?

Moisture is essential not only to your skin but also to your hair. Not everybody knows, however, that you can overdo it, too. How to dose the moisturizers and increase their effectiveness? Which ingredients provide you with the best effect?
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Check out our article and find answers to these and other questions.

Dry hair is a common problem. For some, dryness is just natural due to the structure of their hair – as it’s thin and empty inside, it dehydrates fast if it doesn’t have any protective layer. For others, it’s a matter of incorrectly selected hair care. 

Using the hydrating formulas every day is not enough – actually, it can be counterproductive. How to moisturize your hair effectively?

Can you over-moisturize your hair?

Of course, you can! Actually, it’s more common than you think. It’s not that easy to recognize over-moisturized hair, since it often looks dry. However, there are some red flags you may notice right away. Among them, there is:

  • an impression of greasiness, particularly at the base
  • frizziness
  • in some places, hair has a lot of volumes, and in others, it’s very floppy
  • stretchiness, particularly when brushed (hair makes a squeaky sound

How to moisturize your hair in an effective way? To avoid over hydration, you should put importance on keeping a balance of moisturizers, emollients, and proteins. Don’t rely on hydrating formulas. Oil the hair regularly with a product adjusted to the porosity of your strands, and use protein masks from time to time.

Moisturizing substances in shampoos and conditioners

Instead of relying on the labels, make sure to check the ingredients. Search for substances like:

  • glycerin
  • honey
  • hyaluronic acid
  • sugar
  • aloe vera
  • algae extract

When it comes to oiling, for dry hair with high porosity, you should choose emollients that easily penetrate the hair cuticle instead of staying on the surface, like, for instance, coconut oil.

Moisturizing dry hair – how to do it right?

As we’ve mentioned, paying attention to the balance of nutritive substances is crucial.
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Remember that moisturizing is less effective without applying some emollients after, as the hydration evaporates much easier. Thus, it’s worth applying a conditioner with some oils after washing your hair with a moisturizing shampoo.

It’s significant to keep natural hair moisturized – but professional hair extensions also need some appropriate care. Make sure to use a rich conditioning cream at the ends of your strands from time to time to keep them in good shape. All the types – tape hair extensionspre bonded hair extensions, the clip-in ones – require some care!