How Do You Take the Right Medicine?

Are you sure that you take vitamin complex and supplements properly? Do you change your dosage plan and nutrient intake schedule in case you start a hormone or antibiotics therapy? Even if you are going to take the most efficient generics from the best Mexican pharmacy, you should inform your doctor about other pharma products in your medication plan.

Supplement and Vitamin Interactions with Drugs

Vitamins and vitamin-rich generics that can be bought on the trusted online Mexican pharmacy stores like Medicmex should be taken right to avoid interference with other drugs. For example, Calcium interferes with the following pharmaceutical products:

  • Blood pressure medications;
  • Antibiotics;
  • Levothyroxine drugs.

Vitamin D can decrease the efficiency of medications that lower the cholesterol level. The Zinc generics available on the Mexican pharmacy websites can interfere with drug products prescribed for patients with high blood pressure. Aluminum and Magnesium block the efficiency of fluoroquinolone antibiotics and drugs of the tetracycline group.

The same story is about most supplements. There is a risk of interference to take into consideration. For example, fish oil can decrease the effectiveness of medications that thin the blood. Most herbal supplements have sedative properties, so intake of valerian-rich pharma products is not recommended during the anti-anxiety therapy or drug treatment of stress and depression.

Chemical & Therapeutic Incompatibility

It is worth noting that mixing two pharmaceutical products with the same active agents is dangerous for human health. When one medication loses more than 10% of its potency, the chemical incompatibility of pharmaceutical items takes place. It means that these drugs cannot be taken simultaneously.  

Additionally, there are some medications that are incompatible in the context of therapeutic backgrounds. For example, chloramphenicol pills cannot be administered together with penicillin antibiotics.

Most Mexican pharmacy online stores contain detailed instructions with possible interference information for each drug. Check this information on the website and consult your healthcare specialist before starting pharmaceutical therapy. Additionally, take into account such helpful online drug checkers like, MyRxProfile, WebMD (Drugs Interaction Checker).

What Is the Best Time to Take Medications?

According to the latest research, the efficiency of any drug product can be increased by 30-40% if the patient takes it at the most optimal time (in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening). For example, all the vitamins of the B group are better absorbed in the morning. At the same time, vitamin E is notable for its improved absorption at night.

Speaking about fatty-acid and multivitamin supplements, it is better to take them with a meal in the morning. The best-absorbed vitamins in the afternoon are:

  • Vitamin C;
  • Magnesium;
  • Omega-3.

Speaking about drugs, each medication has its own dosage and intake plan the patient should follow strictly. For example, drugs prescribed to treat high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels are better to take at bedtime. Ask your doctor about the most optimal medication schedule for you.

Helpful Tips for Your Safe Medical Treatment

You should purchase high-grade medications to reduce the risk of facing placebo or low-quality drugs. Select one of the certified Mexican pharmacy stores to order the generics of vitamins, minerals, supplements, and pharma products of the highest level.

Additionally, switch on the reminder on your smartphone not to miss the pill or injection. There are many helpful apps to make your medical treatment well-controlled (Mango Health, MedMinder, etc.).

Avoid drinking alcohol and grapefruit juice during your therapy. If the medication should be taken after meals, do not skip your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Follow your doctor’s recommendations and stay healthy!