Go for Fun and Unique Replacement Zipper Pulls

Snazzy and fun replacement zipper pulls can give your jacket, a cardigan sweater, school bag, or backpack a whole new look and appeal. These colorful and exciting creations can help your things stand out from the rest.

The best thing here is that with the step-by-step and easy illustrations and directions, these zipper pull projects can be very simple, even for children.

How to Make Classic Zipper Pulls

Have you ever tried making a friendship bracelet using lanyard? If yes, then, you might already have the skills that you need for creating a classic zipper pull. It is one of the coolest craft projects that put a spin on the usual square stitch through making this a spiral square stitch.

For this project, you will need the following:

  • Two lanyard laces: 1-1/3 yards red and 1-1/3 yards blue,
  • Lanyard clip
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Here are the steps you can follow:

1. Insert one of the red lace’s ends through the lanyard clip. Place the clip at the middle of the lace. Position the middle of the blue lanyard lace right under the clip.

2. Fold down the top red lace over the blue lace. The left blue lace must now be folded right on top of the red lace.

3. Fold the red lace on the back up over the blue lace on the front. Fold the blue lace on the back under the left red lace and over the right red lace.

4. Pull tight all of the laces. Insert the safety pin or anchor lace through the lanyard clip for anchoring.

5. Fold the upper red lace diagonally down over the blue lace on the left.
Fold the lower red lace up on top of the blue lace on the right diagonally.

6. Fold the blue lace to the left diagonally on top of the red lace nearest it and below the other red lace.

7. Fold the blue lace to the right diagonally on top of the red lace nearest it and below the other red lace.

8. Pull all of the laces tight. You can repeat the fifth to seventh steps to make 1-3/4 inches of the braid.

9. Tie together all of the laces in a tight knot. You should finish off by trimming the ends to 1-1/2 inches.
Complete the task by removing the anchor.

This is just one of the many alternatives that you can use as alternative replacement for zipper pulls. It can come in really handy if ever you cannot get an actual pull from the nearest sewing store. However, if you don’t feel like you are up for the task, you don’t need to worry because you can always go online to buy the highest quality of zipper pulls.

While fun and snazzy alternative pulls are great, nothing can really beat the real thing. Make sure that you only buy from the most reliable zipper pull supplier to get the most out of your money.