Everything You Need to Know About Chocolate Diamonds

What are chocolate diamonds? Unfortunately, they are not a sweet treat. In fact, ‘chocolate diamond’ is a simple marketing term for a type of diamond. It was named by Le Vian, a jewellery brand, and describes a unique diamond in a brown shade. It doesn’t have to be a natural brown, either. These diamonds can be found naturally, or they can be treated to have the colour artificially.

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The Value of a Chocolate Diamond

Using the term ‘chocolate’ as a descriptor seems not to have helped the case for value. Generally, a chocolate diamond will be less valuable than a standard diamond because of the selection process. It isn’t due to the consumer, however. Usually, the diamonds chosen to become artificial chocolate diamonds are of a lower quality, and the same goes for most coloured diamonds – therefore they normally end up a lower quality.

A high-quality white diamond is required to start off with, and if this isn’t achieved, a manufacturer will go ahead and use a lower-quality diamond. A lot of consumers are unaware of this. Guides like https://www.idiva.com/news-fashion/cut-colour-clarity-carats-a-dummys-guide-to-buying-diamond-rings/17077083 can help in that department.

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Diamond eternity rings can come in all sorts of colours, and many choose a chocolate diamond without checking the real value. Places like https://www.comparethediamond.com/diamond-eternity-rings are a good starting point. Learn not to expect the low-quality chocolate diamonds on the market as a standard – there are better pieces out there if you shop around.

Higher Quality

Spotting a high-quality chocolate diamond is fairly simple. If a plain white diamond has visible inclusions or nicks, they will still be able to be seen when it has been coloured. As well as that, a lower-quality diamond will give a greyish brown tinge, while a high-quality piece will be a shining, striking golden hue. When shopping for that brilliant golden colour, make sure to request a ‘cognac’ hue when talking to the jewellery seller. It’s important to be aware of the quality you are shopping for.

Coloured diamonds are still as popular as ever, with many people choosing them for their uniqueness while still getting the quality of the diamond itself. But, as with anything, check the quality and make an informed decision about your sparkly new piece of jewellery before choosing the one that you want.