5 Trendy Earrings that doesn’t Require Ear Piercing

Earrings are the beautiful piece of jewellery which can elevate a women’s beauty and radiate her style. You can make your femininity sparkle by wearing a designer earring at an official dinner or at a casual outing. But there are some women who love to sport a beautiful earring but are scared with the process of ear piercing. They feel it may develop into an infection or cause damage to the nerve endings present on the outer earlobe. Some of you do not like the idea of torturing yourself with the pain during the ear piercing procedure. Do not worry, you can find the perfect solution to this issue with the help of non-piercing earrings.

The non-piercing earring is of different types ranging from the magnetic earrings, clip-on earrings, spring action hoops, stick-on earrings and the latest cuff earrings. Each of these categories of earrings has a style of their own and can increase your fashion quotient considerably. If you like to buy some non-piercing designer earrings for yourself then you can log in to the website https://www.gofynd.com/women/jewellery/earrings-earcuffs. Here is a list of 5 trendy earrings which can make you rise above the others and create your own style statement.

  1. Magnetic Earrings

The magnetic earrings are stylish non-piercing earrings which are currently a craze among the teens. They are made up of two parts; the frontal part is in the form of a stud and the back is a small block of a magnet. They are temporarily affixed to your earlobe with the help of the magnetic force of the two pieces of magnets in the earrings. The front part of the magnet is mostly encrusted with an ornamental bead, pearl, stone or gem. The uniqueness of this type of earrings lies in the fact that it almost mimics the real earrings. They can stay on your earlobe for a longer time. The magnetic earrings also have a host of health benefits like it reduces inflammation, improves your blood flow and promote relaxation of your body. They are a favourite among the youngsters today.

  1. Clip-On Earrings

The clip-on earrings have been in fashion trend since 1930 and they provide stronger hold on your earlobe than the magnetic earrings. Most of these earrings have a clip which is attached to a hinge at the back of the earring. The clip-on earring is attached to your earlobe by pulling the clip back and sliding it on your earlobe. There are many variations in the designs of the clip-on earrings. They are a perfect choice for an evening outing with friends.

  1. Spring Action Hoop

The spring action hoops look like the normal hoop earrings but they are attached with a spring so ear piercing is not required to wear them. They are circular or semi-circular in shape and are embellished with beautiful ornamentations. The spring mechanism helps to hold on tightly to your earlobe for a longer time. They are a favourite among the trendy college women who are apprehensive about piercing their ears.

  1. Stick-On Earrings

The stick-on earrings are a form of temporary earrings of the non-pierced category. They are available in a number of themes and designs. This form of earrings is particularly a favourite among the children who are yet to pierce their earlobe. You would find them in cartoon characters, flower motifs, butterflies and other animal motifs.

  1. Ear Cuffs

The ear-cuffs are a new form of earring which has been in the trend recently. They are also known as ear jackets. They give you an edgy look and can make any apparel look glamorous with them. The ear cuffs are available in a number of options like the spikes, chains, stones, etc. These earrings have been used by the women as a fashion accessory since time immemorial. The ancient Egyptian queens used to portrait them to enhance their look. Currently, they have again become a style statement.

These were the 5 types of trendy earrings which do not require any ear-piercing. If you wish to check the latest designs of non-piercing earrings then you can log in to the websites of Fynd.com, Voylla, Amazon, Jabong, Craftsvilla, Mirraw, Myntra, etc,