5 Big Guy Jeans That You Can Wear This Year

The world of men’s jeans is very vast, and knowing which one to use according to your body type can be difficult. Here we help you select the ideal pair.

Fashions often limit us and determine us, we come from 20 years and it is almost an odyssey to get another cut of jean. But the list of models is much more extensive and varied, where the important thing is that we can choose, beyond fashion, that cut of jean that benefits us the most, taking into account the color, the shot, the fit, the pockets, etc. etc. and not get frustrated or resign ourselves to buying the one that “enters” us, by price or by brand.

There is nothing more indispensable in a closet than a great pair of big guy jeans. They are the most versatile garment in the world. However, not all jeans are the same. Sure, the basic concept is the same: that casual and timeless look they give. But among pants there are styles, and some suit us better than others.

The Ideal Jeans For Every Body Type

In the fashion industry there are different cuts: from the modern skinny, to the vintage flared or the classic straight. Before starting the odyssey to find the pair that most complements your figure, identify what type of body you have, and read on.


The rectangular body is characterized by having a plank-style figure, without curves, it is a straight silhouette, shoulders similar to the hips, low waist and very long legs. If you have this type of body, the best option in your wardrobe will be tight jeans on the legs, without being skinny, just straighter.


The oval body has an abdomen that is more circular and somewhat bulky, while the legs are thinner or shorter. If you have this type of body, choose pants with a straight cut that are baggy around the legs, for a more balanced look.


The triangular body is wider at the shoulders and the hips are narrower, forming a kind of inverted triangle. If you have this figure, opt for high-waisted jeans to stylize your silhouette and give it balanced proportions. Remember that a perfect fit is the key to everything.


The rhombus body can easily be confused with the oval body, but the difference is that the hips have greater volume, not the abdomen. When you have this type of body, it is simpler to combine good jeans for men. Go for a neutral style that is neither too tight nor too straight.


The pear body is characterized by hips wider than the shoulders and slim limbs. It tends to retain more fat in the hips. You can use jeans that are straight; this will make the hips not look so curved. If you still decide on skinny jeans, try to balance your figure with structured clothing on the shoulders and use shoulder pads in your jackets and coats.