3 stylish ways to wear a sweater this autumn

At first glance, sweaters might look boring since most of us are used to only pairing them with jeans, trousers, or leggings. They are, nevertheless, cozy and classy, and they represent the perfect piece from a basic wardrobe that can be transformed into an interesting outfit. If you’ve run out of ideas of how to style a jumper and would need some inspiration, we are here to help you with these 3 stylish ways to wear a sweater this autumn:

Sweater and dress:

A sweater and dress combo has been around for years, but interestingly enough, not too many people are bold enough to wear such a mix. Wearing a sweater with a dress is not only very stylish but also practical, as this combination is perfect for the autumn days, as you can throw on a sweater in the freezing morning and take it off in the afternoon when the weather gets warmer. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures and fabrics: pair wool with lace, silk, or cotton, and you’ll be surprised by how great you’ll look and how confident it will make you feel. The length of the dress may also make a difference; for cooler days, midi and below-the-knee dresses are excellent, whilst shorter ones look great in early September. Whatever the case, this combination is worth giving a try.

Sweater and shirt:

Be it a t-shirt or a classic button-up white shirt, we are used to seeing this combination especially in places that require formal attire, such as schools and offices. But wearing a shirt underneath can also be a great way to make your outfit more bright and vibrant, for example, if you’ll wear colors like red, pink, baby blue, or orange, just make sure that the shirt sticks out of the sweater. If you believe this outfit is too boring, match it with a more traditional piece, such as an Irish sweater with interesting designs and patterns. This will make the entire appearance more put-together and appealing. Visit Tara for authentic womens Irish sweaters styles that will go with whatever look you choose to put together, but also more outfit ideas for this autumn.

Sweater and another sweater:

At first, wearing two sweaters together can seem a bit strange, but the end result is all about stylizing them in a certain way that flatters you. This combination looks especially great if the garments are the same color, for example, a classic crew neck paired with sweater sleeves, which makes the whole appearance unique and trendy. Another way to wear them is by pairing a thinner garment, such as a turtleneck, with a bulkier one such as a cardigan. In this manner, you will be both warm and fashionable. If you want to attempt something different, you can also wear a sweater while tying another one around your shoulders and neck, which will instantly make you look more stylish.