Best Lip Liner That Makes You a 10/10

We have all adored celebrities and models when we see them sporting a particular lip colour. And sometimes, we buy lipsticks with the expectation of looking like them. But when we use it, our lipstick tends to fade or bleed. Have you ever wondered why this happens? It is because we forget an essential product we should use with lipstick, i.e. Lip linerLip liners were quite popular during the 90s, and then we thought they died out because they were not as obvious in the celebrity lip makeup looks. However, models and celebrities continued using lip liner makeup. They started using ones that either matched their skin tone or lipstick colour. All those models that you follow on Instagram? Well, they use lip liner lipsticks to give them that 10/10 look. 

A lip liner gives you a sharp lip look and adds volume to your lips, making them look more plump. It also makes your lipstick last longer. The technique of using lip liner differs depending on your lips and product.

Before buying the lip liner, you should know how to apply the lip liner correctly. 

  1. Apply lip gloss or scrub so the liner goes on smoothly. 
  2. Choose a lip liner two or three shades deeper than the lipstick. 
  3. Before applying, make sure the tip is sharp and fresh. Start from the centre part of your upper lip and continue to follow the natural lip line to the outer corners. 
  4. After you line your upper lip, follow the same step for your bottom lips. 
  5. Then put some lipstick across your bottom and upper lips and smoothly smudge them together. Then take a close look at your lip liner and blend it into lipstick with your fingertips or lip brush. 

We have shortlisted some fantastic lip liners that will give you a perfect look. You can buy this lipliner from Health & Glow

Myglamm lit matte lip liner pencil 

Available in 5 different shades, it gives your lips a fabulous look. It has a hydrating formula and comes with excellent pigment. It prevents feathering for up to 5 hours and provides matte finishing. It does not contain any animal-derived ingredients. You can also use this lip liner as eye shadows and pencils. It ensures a contoured and elegant look. 

Planning to replicate your favourite makeup influencer’s lip makeup? It would be best if you went for Myglamm lit matte Lip Liner Pencil Sass. This shade is picture-perfect. Also, this colour lipstick liner gives your lip a more plump look. 

Lakme Perfect Definition Lip Liner 

These creamy lip liners give your lips an intense payoff without any feathering. You can also use this lip liner as a replacement for lipstick as it does not dry out like other matte lipstick and is super light. In addition, it is a long-lasting lip liner, and you can use a regular sharpener to sharpen the pencil. Also, it is available in 8 different lip pencil colours

If you are a working woman, we suggest you buy Lakme Perfect Definition Lip Liner Nude Sparkle, which is perfect for work and gives you a no-makeup look. Plus, it is suitable for all skin tones. 

Sugar Lipping on the Edge Lip Liner Wooed 

One swipe of this rich pigment will add some coverage to your lips. These are available in 8 stunning shades. It is long-lasting and water-resistant. It is very creamy and easy to use. It gives you a full matte-looking lip in a single stroke and prevents bleeding. It enhances or hides your lip creases as per your desire. The liner works well in improving the longevity of the lipstick. 

If you have a darker skin tone, you should buy Sugar Lipping on the Edge Lip Liner Tan Fan 04. You can also use it as a substitute for lipstick. However, it is best to wear it during the day. 

Colorbar You Go Girl Lip Liner 

Colorbar You Go Girl Lip Liner comes in a wide array of lip liner shades. It’s smudge-proof and water-resistant that stays 24/7. It is safe for everyday wear and is free from harmful chemicals and paraben. It delivers high coverage for a bold look. In addition, it provides a perfect matte finish application and releases a high colour payoff without bleeding and feathering. 

Colorbar You Go Girl Lip Liner 007 is best for parties as it gives you a bold and beautiful look. Use lip balm before using this lip liner. 

Revlon ColorStay Lip Liner 

The lip liner has a creamy formula containing Softflex technology. It is long-lasting and is available in many different shades. We all know some lip colour doesn’t last and looks ashy. This lip pencil gives the oomph they need and helps deter bleeding and feathering. Also, it comes with a built-in sharpener. 

You should use Revlon Colorstay Lip Liner Red Rouge if you have thin lips. It will add some volume to your lips. Plus, this shade is suitable for all dresses.