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When it comes to putting on the finishing touches of an outfit, many women rely on hats as unique additions to their wardrobe. Hats come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing a woman to completely match her outfits, make a statement, or express her individuality. Today, the market is saturated with a never-ending array of hat selections made for every conceivable occasion with more character and flair than one can imagine. While some women find any excuse to don the perfect hat, below you will find some of the most common opportunities for hat wearing.

Kentucky Derby

The bevy of hats that appear at Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Derby is just as exciting as the horses that take into flight for the race. While not everyone can afford to make the trip to the festivities, you may still enjoy your own slice of Win, Place, and Show when you host a Kentucky Derby party, where all of your friends compete to see who possesses the best hat for the day. At Churchill Downs, a few winners have included boa brims and feather bases, plastic horses on the brim, and a collection of fresh flowers.


Wearing a fancy hat to religious services is quite a common practice. For some cultures, the wearing of a hat to church is part of a deep-seeded tradition, known as a significant aspect within numerous religious communities. There are some women who possess hundreds of hats for church – neatly stored in hatboxes that take up entire shelves, closets, and attics.


While young girls with dainty dresses may adorn a hat for Easter, women of all ages are known to purchase a special selection for their church services or for the local Easter parade in town. There are plenty of interesting avenues to consider when choosing just the right hat. Lavender, pink, and yellow are common colors, as well as pastel-colored blooms for decoration. Some women even take the opportunity to make some use out of the extra Easter eggs they have laying around the house.

Wedding Reception

Hats are commonly worn at wedding receptions, especially when they take place in the great outdoors. With warm weather and blinding rays of sunshine – the hat not only serves a decorative purpose, but also a functional one. It is also not uncommon to see a few brides wear hats as part of their wedding ensemble in carefully chosen selections that match their dress. An example of this includes a top hat with veil trailing behind from the brim.

Sunbathing in Style

When attending a beach party or just loafing in the sun, a hat not only helps keep the sun out of your face, but also makes a brilliant statement. With fascinating possibilities at every bend, you can find the perfect match for your bikini or sarong in no time.

Tea Time

There are some women who host tea parties, where they get together over a steaming cup of brew to showcase their latest addition to a hat collection. You may also plan an all-out party for close friends, where guests come dressed to impress, offering a treat for the event, such as biscuits, cookies, or muffins.