5 accessories that will level up your kid’s look

Every piece of cloth is designed in such a way that it makes you look like a hero or a diva but sometimes few accessories adds a cherry on the cake. You might have always seen celebrities wearing those sexy sunglasses or shoes which takes the style meter reach hundred.  Well accessories are not only important in styling up adults but kids also. Infact kids clothing will be incomplete without accessories. So here I will suggest few accessories that will increase the style quotient of your children.

1. Caps: Whether it’s TJ from recess or Ash Ketchum wearing his famous red caps, your children always want to wear those funky caps. That’s their idea of coolness and it actually is a great accessory.  Wear a casual t-shirt with shorts and pair it with a cap and flipflops to make your kid look smart. It’s a perfect summer look. The caps also come as a saviour on Sunny days.

2. Belts: Belts are a must in every wardrobe. Whether it’s an adult or a kid, a boy or a girl, having belts is mandatory. It not only helps in holding loose pants but makes your look better by manifolds. Girls can wear belts with A line dresses. A thin belt always goes better with dresses. Boys can wear it along with trousers or jeans. To make the look better, the colour of the shoes and belt should match.

3. Wrist bands: Well children cannot be left with precious items. They will either lose it or break it. Although watches look classy and sassy, giving it to small kids is still something to worry about. But don’t worry, wrist bands is a great substitute to wrist watches. It goes well with all sorts of clothes and amplifies the look. It’s easy to carry and does not need care. Children can wear it without making their parents worry. Wrist bands are really a great and pocket friendly accessory when it comes to kids clothing.

4. Socks: Sock not only protects the tiny feet of toddlers but make them look in vogue. Wearing socks is a very good habit and it’s icing on the cake when it levels up your look. It can be striped or in solid colours. It can come in various prints like floral, polka dotted, animal prints etc. Sometimes the favourite cartoon character or your children are printed on their socks, making it easy to convince them to wear it.  A very protective and stylish accessory for your kids.

5. Hairbands: Although this accessory is greatly limited to girls but boys with long hair sometimes wear it. But girls can wear it with beautiful flowers and butterflies on it. It not only makes their beautiful hair look more stylish but completes their look also. It’s an amazing accessory to doll up your princess.

These accessories are great and looks good with any attire. It’s also a great gifting option for kids.  So when you go for shopping for your kids, try to buy more accessories because sometimes the same clothes can give a completely different look when you change the accessories. So adding accessories is a great way of making your kid look great without making hole in the pocket.