Match with your partner this V-day – outfit ideas

If you are in a relationship, you know that this time of the year can be a little bit stressful. Valentine’s day is such a controversial holiday so we keep asking ourselves some questions: do i have to buy a present? Are we doing anything special? Does my partner even like Valentine’s Day? We’re here for you. We might not have the answers to your questions, but we have a suggestion that might help you. Getting matching outfits doesn’t require a special event, and matching with your partner is a cute way of expressing your love. We put together 4 suggestions of clothing that you can get for you and your partner for an outside the box present. We were careful not to include items that are exactly the same, we will call it “subtle matching”. Get reading and make sure you check out Pinterest for some outfit ideas with these pieces.

Flowy shirts

The first item that you can get for a lovely matching outfit idea is a flowy shirt. You can find these everywhere from a shopping center to the first thrift shop.Flowy shirts are perfect for a matching outfit, they look amazing on both men and women and they can be styled in many different ways. You can play with it, get the same style in different colors, or different styles, patterns, or you can get the exact same one for the both of you, depending on how similar you want the final outfit to be. If you get both of them in an oversized style, you can even switch them whenever you want. Have fun with this and we guarantee your partner will love it.

Oversized sweaters

If you know the trends at the moment, you know you can never go wrong with something oversized. Oversized sweaters are an item that you could practically live in because of the comfort and the coziness of it. Getting matching oversized sweaters with your loved one is a great decision if you both like to be cozy. Choose something with interesting knitting patterns like these ones: or go for bold colors if that fits your style. You can play around with different necklines, colors and patterns and you don’t have to get two of the same sweaters for them to be matchy. Next time you’re cuddling on the couch, you’ll both be as cozy as ever with your super cute matching sweaters.

Pearl necklaces

We left the most controversial one for last. In the past year, men started wearing more and more jewelry, and it looks way too good on them to not encourage it. Getting a matching pearl necklace for you and your loved one would be such a statement piece in such a subtle and elegant way. Pearls look amazing with any open shirt in a casual outfit and if you are getting the shirts suggested at the first point, you’re ready to impress everyone.