Essential Winter Knitwear Pieces for Men

Knitwear is a foolproof option that every man should go for when not knowing what to wear, but wanting to look sharp anyway. The beauty of knit pieces lies in the fact that they are so inherently glamorous that they rarely need to be accessories to stand out, which makes any outfit that you wear instantly look better. Here are some of the finest knit pieces you can get to achieve a polished look.

Crew Neck Sweater

Starting with the most obvious yet perfect knit piece a man can have in his wardrobe, the classic crew neck sweater is a garment with an unmatched versatility. The simple design with a round neckline and a ribbed hem is exactly what makes this sweater a clean canvas for your outfits. But even such a basic jumper can look tenfold better if you pay attention to such details as the fabric that it is made of and the patterns that it features. For a durable and versatile addition to your wardrobe, choose a cream crew neck sweater made of cashmere and pair it with any jeans, trousers, or other bottoms that you already have.

Aran Sweater

The name of the Aran sweater might not ring a bell, but it has surely caught your eye on celebrities like Chris Evans or Adam Driver. Also known as fishermen sweaters, this Celtic-inspired clothing has been a part of the men’s wardrobe for a century now, and it proudly stood the test of time as being a protective and elegant piece perfect for any winter occasion. The traditional detailed patterns make this sweater have a special symbolic value, since every stitch is intended to have a meaning and wish for good luck. The Celtic apparel from includes a rich selection of Aran sweaters in all types of colors and designs, thus making choosing the right one for this winter an easy task.


Men usually underestimate the power of a good cardigan, but this knitwear can be a true game-changer when it comes to both casual and formal outfits. Thanks to its open front design and button down closure, it is an indispensable layering piece that can often feel more comfortable than a regular sweater. Plus, the cardigan features the same twisted, chic patterns like any other knit jumper so its practicality certainly doesn’t cut on its style. Choose a knit cardigan made of merino wool to have a beautiful alternative to the classic blazer in a professional setting, or select a garment made of cashmere for a luxurious touch on the basic knit piece. As per the choice of colors, you can never go wrong with charcoal or navy, but other options such as green, red, and purple are still fairly popular among men of all ages.