Clever Tips For Purchasing Outdoor Clothing:

Rent Gear

Get some good quality clothing or gear from renting shops or camping libraries near your area. Especially for tough clothing like hiking boots, rain jackets and umbrellas, you can find good quality slightly used items to use on your trip. Renting is suitable since it is very cheap especially if you are not a regular hiker, unlike outright buying outdoor clothing that you will most likely not use again.

Also, most renting shops offer discounts, which can save you even more money.

Hunt For Discounts

If you plan on hiking but your finances are low, hunt for discounts online. Sites such as, or  or read up about dxl and their sport clothing reviews. They will offer 15-30{94a118ca39e850cede9c8687bd9d1077643c5dbfdda5e51465d800f542ad06e5} discounts to new customers. Some sites even offer rewards for referring people to their websites.

There are also discount shops that are populated only by goods with discounts on them – try them. 

Shop using Big Box Stores

Sometimes you have to lower your ego a little bit and scout some of the big stores online or thrift stores to get some good bargains. These are sites like eBay, craigslist, Walmart and BestBuy, where you are guaranteed to get cheap prices for goods that have otherwise high markups in the specialized camping stores.

Subscribe To Email Lists

Try to subscribe to your favourite online outdoor stores. By doing so, you allow them to send you weekly newsletters of what’s trending and this will include the latest discounts and ways to get outdoor clothing cheaply or ways to make your own. They also email you secret tips to outdoor shopping that other people normally wouldn’t have access to.

Scout For Quality Materials

When shopping for outdoor clothing, you need to select high-quality clothing that will last for years. Check whether the material is tough enough to survive multiple weather conditions, abrasion and moisture. The best materials currently are synthetics such as nylon or polyester. For natural materials, go for wool, khaki or merino.

Buy Used Gear

Thrift stores and dollar stores offer very cheap clothing which actually have high quality. It’s not hard to lower your standard once in a while and check the amazing offers in these stores. Furthermore, you probably don’t need opulence in your adventures outside in the woods.

Search For Green Certification Labels

Green certification labels enable you to confirm that the products you are purchasing are made sustainably and with positive regard to the environment. In addition to saving the environment, green products are better since they attract low taxes hence are cheaper while still retaining high quality.

The following are some of the green labels you should look for:

  • BlueSign – confirms that the product used safe materials, the workers were paid their worth, the product is non-toxic and the manufacturer is committed to monitoring emissions.
  • FairTrade – this label shows that the product was made using sustainable methods, workers got fair wages and profits support the local economy.
  • FSC – the forest stewardship council label shows that materials were sourced from responsibly managed forests hence saved indigenous trees from logging.

Read Online Reviews

It is prudent to read online reviews of the clothing you are looking to purchase to avoid disappointment. Look for sports clothing reviews to get the best reviews for shirts and trailer shoes for outdoor activities.