1920s Fashion – Dressing Like the Flappers Is Easy with These Tips

Assembling the clothing items required for a decade fashion can be fun. Whether the fashion is for Halloween, themed party, or you just feel like attracting attention with 1920s fashion, you will learn easy steps to dress like the 1920s right here.

Let’s start by saying that women who lived in the 1920s were distinctive in their dressing.

Some features were characteristic of their dresses and fashion as a whole. So, in order to truly replicate 1920s dressing, you need to highlight those features with your 1920s outfit. The fashion of this era is typically known as flapper.

Where to Buy 1920s Clothing?

While you can visit your local thrift store to assemble your flapper clothing items, going online is the easiest, fastest, trendiest, most convenient and most affordable way to buy your flapper clothes and accessories. So, go online to costume websites and specialist vintage retailer to find the right flapper dress for you.

What Should You Focus on when Assembling 1920s Clothing?

As said earlier, if you desire to look exactly like the 1920s with your 1920s fashion, you must highlight certain features that were characteristic of the 1920s dressing. One of the most important features is dropped waistline. In essence, you should go for dresses that highlight dropped waistline to replicate 20s dressing.

Other essential features you should endeavor to highlight on your flapper dress include the following;

  • Plunging backs
  • Plunging necklines
  • No sleeves

Also, some materials that will help make you look like a typical flapper include sequined material, beaded material, as well as materials with flowery designs and embellishments.

Finally, you need some related accessories to complete your 1920s fashion. In that case, you should go for long satin-gloves – up to shoulder length.

Also, you should don a 1920-styled hat such as the peekaboo, cloche or feathered hats.